Sewing Boss Conference

Why Attend

October 4 - 7, 2019

Create More Profit


You’re here because you own a studio or you’re thinking about starting one. Sewing Boss Conference is designed to guide you through creating a master plan so that your studio can meet its full business potential as soon as possible. Avoid the pitfalls Megan and Susan learned the hard way, and tailor their tried-and-true strategies for your own studio. Conference presenters Megan Avery and Susan Goldie have 25+ years of combined business experience and each of their studios grosses more than $180k per year. They are excited about helping you make more money doing what you love.

Elevate Your Brand


At the heart of the entrepreneur spirit is the desire and drive to create something unique that fulfills a need in the marketplace. Every sewing studio that now exists or is in the planning stages has a unique DNA. This DNA is the essence of your brand and it’s what makes you unique in your community. It’s easy to get anxious when a new competing business opens up on your block or when those pesky self-defeating conversations make their way into your psyche. During the conference you will learn how to step back and see your brand in a powerful new way. Hands-on conference activities include identifying and leveraging the key aspects of your brand. You will walk away from the weekend with a plan in place that you can start executing the moment you return home.

Cultivate Your Community


We cannot forget that we are most powerful together. The third and maybe the most important tenet of this inaugural conference will be the relationships you cultivate. When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation about what you REALLY do on a regular basis in your sewing business?  Can anybody else actually get it unless they are having the same experiences? 

This will be a unique opportunity to be surrounded by other sewing bosses who, like you, light up when having intense conversations about things like:

  • Must-have features on a beginner sewing machine

  • What it’s like to teach 14 kids (who’ve never touched a sewing machine before) how to sew a stuffed owl in a two hour birthday party

  • How important is it that your brand new sewing student irons open all the seams of the skirt she just put together?